With our extensive experience and knowledge of the mass retail trade, Elias Shaker & Company assists manufacturers in building their businesses with new ideas, creative approaches, and effective marketing and merchandising programs -- regardless of whether the product has never been presented to the trade, or has already been well established.

We provide in-depth sales coverage for consumer products on a fixed-cost basis, which complements manufacturers’ current sales efforts. Our purpose is to serve our principals. Our goal is to increase sales. We believe that by fulfilling our purpose, we will also succeed in achieving our goal.

To accomplish this goal, Elias Shaker & Company offers centralized sales coordination and communication through a comprehensive sales support network, which includes:

  • Sales and marketing management
  • Retail merchandising services when needed
  • Administrative support function
  • Customer service department
  • Telemarketing assistance
  • Computerized reporting systems

Elias Shaker & Company has led the way in sales and marketing services by controlling costs, improving operations and producing results for scores of consumer product manufacturers. Our company can be a profitable alternative to many “in-house” services. Elias Shaker & Company can:

  • Provide valuable advice from some of the most experienced professionals in the business.
  • Provide greater credibility and influence within the retail and wholesale trade classes.
  • Eliminate repeated cost increases involved in operating a direct sales force
  • Increase productivity. Our representatives can more efficiently sell and service existing and prospective customers due to our well-established and long-term trade relationships.
  • Reduce overall sales administration costs. We assume responsibility for many processing and administrative functions.
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