Edge Distributing

As a manufacturer, you probably receive many requests from consumers anxious to purchase your products that cannot be found locally, or customers whose orders are below your minimum shipping requirements. These requests are important to you, but we know they are time-consuming and, most likely, unprofitable to your company.

EDGE Distributing has developed a service that can save you time and make you money!
EDGE will become your customer and purchase your products. Then, you refer those consumers and customers to us at our toll-free number or website.  EDGE will then ship the product to the consumers or customers at a suggested cost or retail, plus the normal shipping cost. Larger customers may even receive discounts.The service costs you nothing and keeps your customers happy.  It works!

The service costs you nothing and keeps your customers happy. It works!
We are successfully servicing companies such as ACH Food Company, Lavoris, Jelmar, WD 40, PIC Corporation, and Dynamiclear. The list continues to grow as we satisfy more and more customers who had previously "fallen through the cracks."

We invite you to join our family of manufacturers and let us turn those unprofitable orders or missed orders into profit for you.

Please visit www.edgedistributing.com to see Edge "in action."  Contact service@edgedistributing.com for more information. We hope to hear from you soon!

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